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How much is a police pension after 25 years? let’s find out [2024]

Police officers dedicate their lives to protecting and serving their communities. As they approach retirement, understanding their pension benefits becomes crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of police pensions, specifically focusing on what a police pension looks like after 25 years of service. Leveraging the detailed information provided by the Police Officers and Firefighters Pension Summary administered by Purdue University, we’ll explore eligibility criteria, benefit calculations, survivor benefits, and more to provide a thorough understanding of what officers can expect from their pensions.


Upon employment as a regular, full-time police officer, individuals are required to participate in the pension plan. Contributions are deducted from their base salary at a fixed rate of three percent, contributing towards their retirement benefits. To be eligible for retirement benefits, officers must complete a minimum of 20 years of service and attain the age of 55. However, early retirement options are available for those aged 55 or older with at least 10 years of service.

Service Credit

Service credit is crucial in determining the pension benefits officers will receive. Years and months of service as a Purdue police officer are considered for credit. Officers who participated in the plan before its effective date (July 1, 1990) received credit for prior service. Additionally, provisions are in place to restore prior service credit for officers who rejoin the force after a break in service, subject to certain conditions.


The police pension program offers three main benefit provisions: supplemental pension benefits, supplemental disability plan, and survivor income benefits. The supplemental pension benefits aim to provide retirement security, targeting retirement at age 55 with 20 years of service. Pension calculations are based on a formula considering years of service, age, and base salary. Officers may also receive benefits from the Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution plans, which are offset against the pension benefits.

Disability Provisions

Officers participating in the pension plan are covered under the University’s Long-Term Disability program. Members qualifying for LTD will receive service credit towards their early retirement date. Additionally, provisions are in place to protect officers who are unable to perform their duties due to disability but do not meet the criteria for total and permanent disability.

Survivor Benefits

Survivor benefits provide financial security to the families of officers in the event of their death. Benefits vary based on years of service, with spouses and dependent children being the primary beneficiaries. If a member dies before becoming eligible for retirement benefits, survivor benefits are paid through an insurance-type program. However, if a member dies after becoming eligible for retirement benefits, survivor benefits are paid from the pension plan.

Benefit Examples

To illustrate how the pension program works, several examples are provided based on different scenarios. These examples demonstrate how pension benefits are calculated based on years of service, age, and base salary, offering officers a clear understanding of what to expect upon retirement.


As police officers approach retirement after dedicating 25 years of service, their pension benefits become a critical aspect of their financial planning. Understanding the eligibility criteria, service credit, benefit provisions, disability provisions, and survivor benefits is essential for officers to make informed decisions about their retirement. By leveraging the detailed information provided by Purdue University’s Police Officers and Firefighters Pension Summary, officers can navigate the complexities of their pension plan with confidence, ensuring a secure and stable retirement after years of dedicated service to their communities.

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