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Why is the retirement plan rated r? Latest Insights [2024]

The retirement plan rated r due to its content of violence and pervasive language. The film includes scenes of individuals being shot, strangled, stabbed, or impaled, as well as deaths by drowning. In terms of language, there are 110 sexual expletives, 12 scatological curses, and frequent use of mild profanities and terms of deity. Additionally, adult secondary characters are depicted drinking alcohol in the movie,

What is the plot of the retirement plan

“The Retirement Plan” sounds like an intriguing blend of family drama and crime thriller. Here’s a summary of how the plot might unfold based on the provided information:

The story begins with Ashley and her daughter Sarah getting unwittingly entangled in a criminal enterprise, possibly through a series of unfortunate events or by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fearing for their safety, Ashley decides to seek help from her estranged father, Matt, who has been living a relaxed life as a retired beach bum in the Cayman Islands.

Upon their reunion, tensions flare as Ashley confronts Matt about his absence from her life and his apparent detachment from family responsibilities. However, as they face imminent danger from the pursuing crime boss Donnie and his menacing lieutenant Bobo, Matt reluctantly agrees to protect Ashley and Sarah.

As the trio navigates through the twists and turns of their predicament, Ashley begins to unravel the secrets of her father’s past. She discovers hidden depths to Matt’s character, learning about his previous involvement in criminal activities or perhaps his past connections to Donnie and Bobo.

Throughout their journey, Ashley and Matt must confront their troubled past and reconcile their fractured relationship while evading the relentless pursuit of Donnie and his henchmen. Along the way, they may encounter unexpected allies, face moral dilemmas, and ultimately strive to secure a future free from the shadows of their past.

“The Retirement Plan” promises to deliver a gripping narrative filled with suspense, emotional depth, and compelling character dynamics as Ashley and Matt confront their demons and fight for redemption amidst the backdrop of a dangerous criminal underworld.

Main actors in the retirement plan

“The Retirement Plan” features a talented cast, with each actor contributing significantly to the storyline and character development:

  1. Nicolas Cage as Matt – Likely playing a central character, perhaps someone navigating the challenges of retirement or planning for it.
  2. Ashley Greene as Ashley – Possibly portraying a key figure in Matt’s life, such as a partner or family member.
  3. Ron Perlman as Bobo – Likely playing a supporting character, possibly a friend or acquaintance of Matt’s.
  4. Jackie Earle Haley as Donny – Possibly another supporting character, perhaps someone involved in Matt’s retirement plans or conflicts.
  5. Ernie Hudson as Joseph – Likely portraying a significant character, possibly offering guidance or assistance to Matt.
  6. Grace Byers as Hector – Another character who may play a crucial role, perhaps adding depth to the storyline through their interactions with Matt.
  7. Lynn Whitfield as Drisdale – Possibly portraying a character integral to the plot, such as a financial advisor or authority figure.
  8. Joel David Moore as Fitzsimmons – Likely another supporting character, potentially providing comedic relief or adding complexity to the story.

With such a diverse and talented cast, “The Retirement Plan” promises to be an engaging and memorable film exploring themes of aging, planning for the future, and relationships.

Budget of the retirement plan

With a budget of $20 million, “The Retirement Plan” had a moderate production budget. This budget likely allowed for the hiring of well-known actors, production costs, location expenses, and other aspects of filmmaking. Despite the film’s relatively modest box office earnings of $45,756, the budget suggests that the filmmakers invested significantly in the project, aiming to create a high-quality production with notable talent involved. While the film’s box office performance may not have met expectations, the budget indicates a certain level of ambition and commitment to bringing the story to life on screen.

Retirement plan earn at the box office

Earning $45,756 at the worldwide box office suggests that “The Retirement Plan” had a limited release or faced challenges in attracting a wide audience. Despite the talented cast and intriguing plot, the film may have struggled to gain traction in the competitive movie market, possibly due to factors such as limited marketing efforts, niche appeal, or mixed critical reception.

However, box office performance doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality or impact of a film. “The Retirement Plan” may still find success through other avenues, such as streaming platforms, DVD sales, or gaining a cult following over time. Additionally, the film’s modest box office earnings could serve as a reminder of the challenges independent or lesser-known films face in finding their audience amidst the dominance of big-budget blockbusters.


“The Retirement Plan” delivers a gripping narrative exploring family dynamics, redemption, and consequences. Led by Nicolas Cage, Ashley Greene, and Ron Perlman, the talented cast delves into themes of aging and past actions. Despite its R-rating for violence and language, the $20 million budget underscores a commitment to quality. While facing box office challenges, the film’s potential shines through alternative distribution avenues. It serves as a testament to independent cinema’s resilience in portraying human complexities. As audiences seek diverse narratives, “The Retirement Plan” offers a compelling journey worth experiencing.

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