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Where to retire magazine? Revealed [2024]

Where to Retire” magazine is a valuable resource for those considering retirement relocation. Established in 1992, it provides comprehensive information on various retirement destinations across the United States, catering to the needs of the 700,000 Americans who move to new towns for retirement every year. The magazine goes beyond popular Sunbelt spots, exploring smaller towns and hidden gems with lower costs of living. It covers essential aspects such as climate, taxes, cost of living, housing, healthcare, safety, and more. Moreover, it features interviews with retirees who have already relocated, offering insights and tips on what to consider when choosing a retirement destination. “Where to Retire” also assists readers in finding suitable neighborhoods and developments for an active retiree lifestyle, offers guidance on buying and selling homes, and provides tips on integrating into new communities. With its wealth of information and regular publication schedule of six times a year, “Where to Retire” is a valuable guide for anyone planning their retirement relocation journey.

People also ask

  1. Best Place to Retire in 2024: Florida emerges as the top choice for retirees in 2024 due to its combination of affordability, quality of life, and healthcare. With no estate, inheritance, or income taxes, Florida offers retirees tax benefits along with lifestyle perks such as miles of shoreline and volunteer opportunities. Following closely behind is Colorado, offering similar taxpayer-friendly conditions and excellent healthcare facilities.
  2. Best Place to Retire on $5000 a Month: Retirees with a budget of $5000 a month find Florida to be an attractive option in 2024, thanks to its tax-friendly environment and lifestyle benefits. Alternatively, Colorado presents another appealing choice with similar taxpayer-friendly conditions and excellent healthcare facilities.
  3. Number 1 Place to Retire in the US: Harrisburg, PA, takes the spotlight as the number one place to retire in the US for 2024. With easy access to the great outdoors, a commendable overall score of 7.1, and a strong healthcare rating of 7.9, Harrisburg offers retirees an enticing combination of amenities and services.
  4. Cheapest State to Live in When You Retire: In 2024, Colombia stands out as the most affordable country to retire in. Renowned for its affordability and attractive destinations like Santa Maria, Colombia remains a desirable option for retirees seeking cost-effective living arrangements.
  5. Where Not to Retire: While specific states aren’t mentioned as places not to retire, factors such as high cost of living, lack of healthcare facilities, or unfavorable tax conditions can make certain states less ideal for retirement. It’s crucial for retirees to consider these factors when making relocation decisions.
  6. Best State for Seniors on Social Security: Florida stands out as one of the best states for seniors on Social Security in 2024 due to its lack of state income tax. With income from Social Security and retirement account withdrawals not taxed at the state level, retirees can enjoy financial benefits in Florida.
  7. Average Retirement Expenses per Month: The average retirement expenses per month can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and location. Factors such as housing costs, healthcare expenses, lifestyle choices, and geographic location all contribute to determining retirement expenses. It’s essential for retirees to assess these factors carefully to plan their finances effectively.


“Where to Retire” magazine serves as an indispensable companion for retirees embarking on the journey of relocation. With its rich history dating back to 1992, the magazine has established itself as a trusted source of information, providing comprehensive insights into various retirement destinations across the United States.

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