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How much is a Union Carpenters Pension? Revealed! [2024]

The Carpenters’ International Pension Plan, established in 1967, stands as a vital support system for full-time officers and representatives of Local Unions and Councils. Managed by a dedicated Board of Trustees, this pension plan offers a range of benefits aimed at ensuring the financial security of its participants during retirement years and in case of disability. With its meticulous eligibility criteria, transparent calculation methods, and robust vesting procedures, the plan provides a solid foundation for carpenters to build their retirement future upon. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Carpenters’ International Pension Plan, exploring its eligibility criteria, benefit structure, and other essential aspects to help participants navigate their retirement planning journey effectively.

Carpenters’ International Pension: Plan and Benefits

The Carpenters’ International Pension Plan was established in 1967, covering full-time officers and representatives of Local Unions and Councils. Administered by a Board of Trustees, contributions are made by Local Unions or Councils as a percentage of pay.

Normal Pension

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Age 62 with a minimum of 5 years of service; or
  2. The total of age and years of service equals 70 or more.

Early Retirement Pension

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. At least age 55 but less than age 62, and
  2. Have at least 5 years of service.

Regular Pension Calculation: 2.5% x final compensation x years of service (maximum 30 years). The pension cannot exceed 75% of the final compensation.

Example: For an individual aged 62 with 25 years of service and a final compensation of $40,000: 2.5% x $40,000 = $1,000 $1,000 x 25 years = $25,000 Monthly Pension = $25,000 / 12 = $2,083.50

Early Retirement Pension: Reductions based on age:

  • Age 61: 98.5%
  • Age 60: 97%
  • Age 59: 95.5%
  • Age 58: 94%
  • Age 57: 92.5%
  • Age 56: 91%
  • Age 55: 89.5%

Disability Pension: Calculated similarly to the Regular Pension. It’s never less than 15% of final compensation if the age is less than 62.

Vesting Procedure: Requires a minimum of 400 hours worked in a plan year to earn credit. 5 pension credits are needed to become vested, or 7,500 hours worked.

Regular Pension Eligibility: Age 61, at least 5 pension credits, and either 1,200 hours of contributions in any 3-year period or at least 7,500 hours of contributions made to the Fund on your behalf.

Early Retirement Pension: Reductions based on age:

  • Age 60: 95%
  • Age 59: 90%
  • Age 58: 85%
  • Age 57: 80%
  • Age 56: 75%
  • Age 55: 70%

Disqualifying Employment: Before age 65, any work for wages or profit covered by the CBA, in the construction industry, or for a contributing employer is disqualifying. After age 65, any carpentry or work covered by CBA in the Plan’s geographic area is disqualifying.


The Carpenters’ International Pension Plan offers vital financial security for carpenters worldwide. Established in 1967, it provides retirement benefits for officers and representatives of Local Unions and Councils. With clear eligibility criteria, robust administration, and fair calculation methods, the plan ensures equitable distribution of benefits. By accommodating normal and early retirement, along with disability pensions, it meets the diverse needs of members. Through its provisions, the plan recognizes the dedication of carpenters and supports their financial well-being, enabling them to retire with peace of mind.

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